21 Oct

Championing Comics

Some interesting comments from Dave Gibbons from today’s Guardian, where he discusses his new role as ‘comics laureate’ in the UK:

“[C]omics are a very vibrant art form in their own right … part of the continuum from novels through to movies and computer games.”

“They are very accessible. I think children naturally gravitate to their particular mix of brief words and exciting, interesting pictures. They can do everything from spin yarns of derring do to things which are very educational in the sense of history and science – virtually everything…”

 “The sheer accessibility of the medium, the way in which complex information can be easily absorbed through its combination of words and pictures, actively encourages reading in those intimidated by endless blocks of cold print.”

21 Oct

New Comics Laureate in the UK


Dave Gibbons has been appointed the first ‘comics laureate’ in the UK:

“It’s a great honour for me to be nominated as the first comics laureate. I intend to do all that I can to promote the acceptance of comics in schools. It’s vitally important, not only for the pupils but for the industry too.”

From The Guardian