14 Jul

Research Funding

I recently received news that my PhD would receive funding from the Irish Research Council through its Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme.   Maybe I will finally be able to buy a new laptop…


My research has been changing and developing based on the methodology I am following and interviews with participants.  When using grounded theory the main concern of the participants is key.  While this leads away from preconceived notions and theories and ideas that the researcher may wish to uncover, it leads, hopefully, to a result that offers a theory suited to its supposed uses and usable in practical applications.

I will post a more detailed description of the various stages my research has gone through to get it to this point in the coming days.



28 Aug

Hello world!

Hello.  Welcome to my website.  The plan is to document my research here (and some other bits and pieces that might be related to it).  I am applying classic grounded theory methods to the study of cartoons and animations that depict and and disseminate interpretations of political violence, or seek to have an influence in this area.  Changes in cultural production have resulted in a shift of emphasis from text to the rising importance of images, while the visuality of terrorism itself underscores the important role of visual media in representing and interpreting political violence acts.  Comics, graphic novels and animation have long been recognized for their power to inform and persuade., with governments and political and extremist organisations from far right to extreme left having used these forms as propaganda to further their aims, yet they remained overlooked in international studies.